Indexed Universal Life

Protection with additional investment upside

American National’s indexed universal life products have the same features as the universal life products, but also provide an opportunity for policyholders to earn additional return through credited interest tied to the performance of a particular stock index, such as the S&P 500. However, your policy will never be credited a negative interest rate.

Features of an indexed universal life policy include:

Flexible premiums – Policyholders may be able to vary their premiums within certain limits as long as the policy retains sufficient available cash value

Flexible benefits – Policies may allow you to increase or decrease the death benefit according to your particular situation, subject to current qualification requirements.

Loan access – You can borrow against a portion of your policy’s cash value in order to meet unexpected financial needs. Unpaid policy debt will reduce the proceeds payable at death.

Optional riders – Many policies can be customized with riders such as accelerated benefits, disability waivers of minimum premium or stipulated premium, children’s level term and coverage continuation. Not all riders are available for all policies.

Upside potential – Policies may be credited with all or a portion of the gain from the index, expressed as a percentage, but at a lower risk as the policy is not directly invested in the stock market.

Indexed universal life policy values are interest-rate sensitive. Interest crediting rates are set by the insurer, subject to policy-specific requirements.