Individual Documents

2021 Plan Year Preliminary Paperwork

All paperwork for the 2021 year is online. 

OEP paperwork – Paperwork to be filled out if you are enrolling between Nov 1 and Dec 15th

SEP paperwork – Paperwork to be filled out if enrolling Dec 16th – Oct 31st.

2020 Plan Year Preliminary Paperwork

This paperwork needs to be completed and either:

  1. Returned via email/fax/mail PRIOR to your “Phone Appointment”
  2. or brought with you for your “In Office Appointment”

2020 Income Reporting FormIncome Reporting Form (2016) - Fillable

Client Information Form Client Information Form - Fillable

2020 Life Event Attestation 2016 Life Event Attestation - Fillable(Only needed for appointment dates from Dec 16th 2019 – Oct 31st 2020)